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Devon Hockey Association
Devon Hockey Code of Contact
Conduct of players, team officials, umpires and spectators.20th Sep 2014
Devon Hockey Website
Club Affiliated Umpires6th Mar 2014

Effective 1 August 2010

Email Addresses6th Mar 2014

Effective 1 August 2010

Frequently Asked Questions6th Mar 2014

Consult this file to get the answer to questions relating to the Devon Hockey Website

The Role of . . .
Club Webmaster6th Mar 2014

Effective 30 August 2010

Devon HA Information
DHA Constitution 20126th Mar 2014
Draft DHA Constitution 201715th May 2017
Devon HA Affiliation Form 2017/1815th Aug 2017
Social Media Policy20th Mar 2014
Devon Website; How to . . .
Update Club and Team Contacts6th Mar 2014
How to add the result of a Cup Fixture to the Website6th Mar 2014
How to add the date of a Cup Fixture to the Website6th Mar 2014
DHA Committee Information
Expenses Claim Form6th Mar 2014
Devon Coach Information
DHA Coach Application Form6th Mar 2014
Which Course or Workshop is right for you?1st Mar 2017
Club Coaching Planner1st Mar 2017
How to use the Club Coach Planner1st Mar 2017
DHA Club Competition Rules
DHA Club Competition Rules 201513th Sep 2016
Devon Hockey Umpiring Association
Red Card & Match Day Misconduct Offence Regulations
Red Card & Match Day Misconduct Offence Regulations2nd Sep 2016

Effective from 2nd September 2016

Changes to Red Card Regulations2nd Sep 2016
Red Card Report Form2nd Sep 2016

Must be completed within 72 hours of offence

FIH rules (effective August 2017)
FIH rule book6th Aug 2017
Guidance on new rules September 2017 - 1 page summary5th Sep 2017
FIH Indoor rules15th Aug 2017

Indoor rules 2017

Umpire Appointing Policy in Devon
DHUA Appointing Priority Criteria15th Jun 2014
Appointing to Fixtures6th Mar 2014
Criteria for DHUA Neutral Pools6th Jun 2017
DHUA Constitution5th Jun 2017

Adopted at the SGM May 19th 2017

Club Agreement 2017-185th Jan 2018
Club status checker 2017-185th Jan 2018
Team Feedback On Umpires
Some hints to help teams complete feedback on appointed umpires28th Oct 2015
The Role of the Club Umpire Development Officer
The Role of the Club Umpire Development Officer24th Nov 2015
Level One
How do I register my interest in a Level 1 Umpiring or Introduction to Umpiring Course?25th Jul 2016
How does my club request a Level 1 Course?28th Sep 2014
How do I find a Level 1 Course?6th Mar 2014
England Hockey Board Consent Form all under 18 persons6th Mar 2014

Please return this form to the Level One Course Tutor. You will not be able to participate in any activities without returning the form.

What happens after I have completed the Level 1 Umpire Course?6th Mar 2014
Assessment of Level 1 Umpires17th Sep 2014

EH document explaining the Level 1 Assessment process

How do I become a Level 1 Assessed Umpire?17th Sep 2014
Level 1 Umpire Assessment form14th Jul 2017
Level One Umpire Assessment Form – Guidance8th Jul 2015

Guidance for Level One Assessors

Re-activation of level 1 status26th Jul 2017
Appointing Policy in Devon
England Hockey Knockout Competitions6th Mar 2014
Notifying DHUA Appointed Umpires of Match Arrangements31st Oct 2016
Umpiring Policy in Devon
Player Behaviour Policy1st Oct 2014
Player Management6th Mar 2014

Including CONTROL from the Whistle to use of Cards – the ‘Control Ladder’

Frustration Swearing6th Mar 2014
Travelling Reserve Umpire6th Mar 2014
How do I . . . . .
Add a Non DHUA Appointed Game I umpired to my Match History6th Mar 2014
Claim Expenses for DHUA Appointed Games6th Mar 2014

Expenses are normally claimed at the end of the year and at the end of the league season.

Adding /changing availability5th Jan 2018

Indicates to the Appointment secretary your availability to umpire.

How do I . . . . .
Claim Expenses for Non DHUA Appointed Games6th Mar 2014

DHUA will not pay expenses for any games they have not officially appointed to unless you complete this form.

DHUA appointed games, feedback and expenses7th Jan 2018

Guidance for umpires/coaches/mentors as to how to enter feedback after each game

How do I . . . . .
Use Microphones and Headsets whilst Umpiring6th Mar 2014

This is guidance for those DHUA Members who possess such items

The to which you are appointed is cancelled5th Jan 2018
What to do if . . . . .
The DHUA Appointed Umpire is NOT contacted by the First Named Team6th Mar 2014
DHUA Policy
Personal Information6th Mar 2014

How DHUA handles your personal information

Criteria for DHUA Assessors6th Mar 2014

Commencing 2009/10 season

Summer Leagues
PMSL Handbook Rules 201516th Apr 2015

Effective from 1 January 2015

DHUA Management Committee - Terms of Reference
President6th Mar 2014
Secretary6th Mar 2014
Treasurer6th Mar 2014
Membership Secretary6th Mar 2014
Selection and Coaching Committee6th Mar 2014
Young Umpire Coordinator4th Aug 2016
Management Committee Member6th Mar 2014
Panel Representative3rd Sep 2016
Webmaster17th May 2017

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