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Monday 8th January 201819:00HA
DHA Committee Meeting
Ley Arms, Kenn
Monday 15th January 201819:30HUA
DHUA Management Committee Meeting
The Dolphin Hotel, Bovey Tracey
Monday 12th February 201819:00HA
DHA Committee Meeting
Ley Arms, Kenn
Monday 5th March 201819:30HUA
DHUA Management Committee Meeting
The Dolphin Hotel, Bovey Tracey
Monday 9th April 201819:00HA
DHA Committee Meeting
Ley Arms, Kenn
Monday 14th May 201819:30HUA
DHUA Management Committee Meeting
The Dolphin Hotel, Bovey Tracey
Friday 18th May 201819:30HUA
The Dolphin Hotel, Bovey Tracey
Monday 21st May 201819:30HA
Ley Arms, Kenn

Latest News

20th NovUmpire Development Event Saturday 16th December

All DHUA Members are invited to attend our forthcoming development event:

On Saturday16th December at 5pm - DHUA will be holding our Christmas Coaching event at the Jubilee Club in Pinhoe (the home venue for East Devon HC). All members are invited to attend an evening hosted by the Chief Coach with snacks (and skittles for those who wish to participate) to follow from 7:30pm.
For this event please confirm your attendance to the '' for catering purposes.

Pete Hammond
DHUA Chief Coach

14th NovMen's league match cards

The Men's league have acknowledged a potential issue where match cards are sent by unsecured electronic means and the requirements of data protection legislation. To that end umpires need no longer sign the match cards, printed names and umpire numbers should be entered.
Please ensure you know this number, the 6 digit number is listed in your personal area.

9th NovRecent Red Cards

Umpires are asked to remember the details of the recent changes to the Red Card and Match Day Misconduct Regulations an excerpt of which is reproduced below:
6.3 Where a person has committed a red card offence which consisted of two separate, but the same, minor offences for which a yellow card was awarded for the first offence (see Rule 2.3 e of Umpiring, page 44, FIH Rules of Hockey from 1 January 2017) there shall be no further period of suspension.
A minor offence is defined as an offence which does not involve
i. any used, attempted or threatened physical violence or
ii. any dissent towards an umpire, properly appointed tournament or match official.

Hence where dissent is used a straight red card should be issued.

5th Nov Outstanding Club Appointments 11 November 2017

Could all of those clubs who have not updated their club appointments please do it as soon as possible - its unfair on the home clubs to leave it with less than 7 days to go. Any issues please contact Graham Woolcock as soon as possible.

1st Nov England Hockey Cup Matches

Could you please review you availability for 12 November as a number of England Hockey Cup games are being announced and currently we do not have enough umpires available to cover all of the games

22nd OctAnnual South West Colleges Tournament : Weds 8th and Weds 22nd November 2017

We have been asked to supply a small team of umpires for the 2 dates above.
The Tournament takes place at University of St Mark and St John.
Likely timings are 9/9.30am through to 2/2.30pm
Can you help? Please put your availability on to the website asap ( with any relevant notes ) and/or e mail Bob Whitell ( asap.
We are also looking for more umpires in Plymouth area to make themselves available on Weds afternoons to support appointments for the Plymouth BUCS games...every little helps!!
Many thanks
Bob Whitell

19th OctUmpire Level 1 Courses coming up in the season 2017/18: REVISED INFORMATION

The following courses have been organised by DHUA to enable our Clubs to plan umpire development and to encourage anyone interested in becoming an umpire to gain the appropriate initial qualification.

There are 3 courses now remaining on the website available for bookings :

Places are first come first served and only secure when booked and paid for online. Minimum participants is 14.

Details of the courses are as follows:

Sunday 22nd October 2017 ...this course is now taking place at Mount Kelly College,Tavistock, PL19 0HZ . BOOKING NOW CLOSED

Sunday 5th November 2017 at University of Exeter Sport Park, Stocker Road, Exeter, Devon,

Sunday 25th February 2018 University of St Mark & St John, Derriford Rd, Plymouth PL6 8BH

New Course: Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 January 2018. This is a 2 evening course (6pm to 9.30pm) and will be held at Mount Kelly College,Tavistock, PL19 0HZ

Sunday 18th March 2018 at University of Exeter Sport Park, Stocker Road, Exeter, Devon,

There is also a course taking place at Taunton Vale HC on Sunday 3rd December which may interest some Devon based Clubs/individuals.

Please be advised bookings must be made in the name of the participant – bookings cannot be made on behalf of someone else. Guidance for those having trouble with the booking process is available at the link above.

Please send any queries to

Bob Whitell
Level 1 Course Coordinator

... More
3rd OctUmpires availability for Cup Matches

Could all umpires look at their future availability for evening cup matches. Early rounds of the Devon Cup's are being made and umpires need to review their availability on a regular basis.

Many thanks
Graham Woolcock DHUA Appointments Secretary

1st OctOrders from Silver FX

Message from Silver FX
Unfortunately, back in August, we had some issues with our computer systems which has caused our orders to be up to 2 weeks late. We were hoping that by now it would have all been caught up but unfortunately because of the delays caused by our computer systems, it has now delayed the factory too. Orders are being completed as soon as possible but there is a chance that this could affect October orders too, but not to the same extent. You may also have received part orders, as we are sending items out as soon as we’re getting them in as to get the items out to you all as soon as possible.
We are hoping that all orders will be caught up by the end of the month, but any questions, please let Silver FX know direct and they will look into it for you asap.

22nd SepUmpire numbers and match cards

Home clubs now have a requirement to ensure that umpire names and EH numbers are recorded on their match cards before these are sent in. This includes the matches for which umpires are appointed. Please ensure you have your number with you. If you have a second game to umpire/play in this could be completed ahead of the game.
The number used should be the new 6 digit number from EH. Your new number has been or will soon be updated in your personal area.
About 3 years ago, EH changed the Umpire Registration system to a 6 digit number series, starting from 250000 upwards, rendering numbers from 249999 downwards obsolete. This change was not publicized and was only made evident on individual queries to the Umpiring Department. The exercise has been started to update the umpire registration numbers on the Devon website and all Neutral Panel umpires have been updated to reflect your new registration number. This number should be used on Gocrea8 Hockey League match report forms and elsewhere when required. We are working through the rest of the panels and hope to have them up to date by next weekend.

20th Sep (2014)Devon Hockey Code of Contact for Players, Team Officials, Umpires and Spectators.

Devon Hockey Association and Devon Hockey Umpires Association have jointly produced a Code of Contact for all involved in hockey within Devon.

The complete document is available form the Downloads area of this web site or by following the link.

... More
10th Feb (2010)Claiming Expenses for Cancelled Fixtures

If a game is cancelled and your have been appointed to it by DHUA please DO NOT enter any Match Feedback, including any transport costs incurred for the fixture in question as it causes all sorts of problems when we try an reappoint to the fixture in the future.

If you do incur any transport costs (e.g. because you travelled to the game and it was then abandoned before it was completed, cancelled before you got there, etc.) then please email the DHUA Treasurer with details of your transport costs (if applicable).

Also copy me in the DHUA Appointments Secretary so that your appointment for this game can be removed.

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